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10 Straightforward Tips for Dads Seeking Child Custody

If you’re a father hoping to gain primary or sole custody of your children, you may have the feeling that you are facing a tough battle. While it is true that there is a trend of courts considering each case on an individual basis rather than giving automatic preference to the mother in child custody cases, many fathers still find that they run headlong into traditional prejudices that children should be with their mothers and fathers should provide financial support following a parental split.

Obtaining primary or sole custody of your kids can be a challenge. However, these tips have been compiled from the advice of professionals and dads who have successfully won custody of their children. Consider the following:

  1. Document everything having to do with your children, especially communications with the other parent and activities with your kids.
  2. Always remain calm with your soon to be former spouse and your kids. Do not provide anecdotes that they can use against you, no matter how tough a situation gets.
  3. Attend all parent-teacher conferences and other meetings regarding your children – and document your presence.
  4. Keep up-to-date on all educational and health concerns pertaining to your child.
  5. Have friendly discussions with the other parent’s neighbors or friends. They may offer information that pertains to the welfare of your children.
  6. Prepare a photo album of you enjoying activities with your kids.
  7. Depending on laws in your state, you may want to record conversations with your former spouse.
  8. If you can, seek a parental evaluation. They can be costly, but could prove to be tremendously beneficial.
  9. Be assuring with your children, and avoid say anything negative about their other parent, as this can harm your custody case.
  10. Work with an experienced child custody attorney who can advise you on all the issues that come up during child custody cases.

Nothing is more important than the safety and well-being of your kids. If you are a father seeking primary or sole custody, contact a Denton custody attorney from Alexander & Associates at 972-420-6560 to learn about your legal options.

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