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3 Common Myths about Restraining Orders

The statistics about domestic abuse and intimate relationship violence are startling. A reported one in four women will experience some form of domestic abuse or violence in her lifetime. Being in an abusive relationship can take an emotional and physical toll on you and may even leave you feeling alone with no one to turn to. By obtaining a restraining order, you can have some amount of security and protection so you can live your life without fear. Unfortunately, many men and women who are faced with domestic violence may not seek protection due to misconceptions about restraining orders.

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Restraining Order Myths

It is important to take swift and decisive action if you find yourself in a situation that has grown abusive or in which you have become fearful that violence is inevitable. Accordingly, it is important that you understand some of what restraining orders do and do not entail:

1. Myth: Restraining orders only apply to the state they are filed in.

Truth: Typically restraining orders in one state are upheld across the country.

2. Myth: I have to wait a lengthy amount of time to get a restraining order after I request one.

Truth: You can often obtain a restraining order on the same day that you request it.

3. Myth: Restraining orders are permanent.

Truth: No restraining order is truly permanent, as even those which are regarded as permanent typically expire after a number of years. You can however, have a restraining order restored.

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