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3 Reasons You Need a Divorce Lawyer

Although it is often for the best, going through a divorce can be a challenging and complicated situation. In many cases, divorces can be incredibly emotional and can lead to hostility and arguments between spouses. Although some divorce cases do end up in court, 95 percent of all divorce cases are uncontested, meaning they are settled between the individuals and their lawyers outside of the courtroom. Some people argue that they can manage their divorce cases on their own without an attorney, but doing so successfully may be more difficult than you imagine.

You need an experienced lawyer who knows how to handle these cases to help you and your spouse reach a divorce settlement as quickly as possible. Contact a Denton divorce lawyer with Alexander & Associates at 972-420-6560 and schedule an initial consultation to discuss your legal options.

Why You Need an Attorney

It is a common misconception that a divorce attorney isn’t necessary and it wastes a person’s money. And while divorce lawyers do cost some money, they can actually save you money in the long run by protecting your rights and interests as you work toward a fair divorce settlement.

Three reasons you need a divorce lawyers are:

  • It gives you the opportunity to be emotional without worrying about it compromising your case
  • An attorney is more likely to be able to successfully negotiate your case outside the courtroom
  • Divorce lawyers have experience with these proceedings and can help you work through each concern as quickly as possible

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