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3 Ways to Protect Your Money during Divorce

Financial difficulty or money-related stress is one of the most common reasons why married couples decide to get a divorce. Unfortunately, in many cases these problems do not get any better during or even after divorce. Therefore the period following a divorce is also likely to pose significant financial challenges, and it is in your best interest to prepare for the new financial realities which await you.

This can be a very trying time in your life and that is why you need a qualified legal representative on your side to help you every step of the way. If you are considering a divorce and are concerned about how you might protect your money, contact the Denton divorce lawyers of Alexander & Associates at 972-420-6560 to schedule a free consultation.

Steps to Take

If you are considering divorce, you need to make sure you take action to protect your own financial interests. It is important to begin thinking of your own needs and to separate yourself from considering the needs of your soon to be former spouse. The following are steps that you should take to guard yourself, financially:

  • Gather financial records – make sure you get your records together early on
  • Open a separate checking and savings account – you need to begin doing everything you can to separate yourself financially from your spouse. This gives you a head start on becoming independent financially.
  • File for bankruptcy before divorce – if you have significant debts and are considering divorce, it is much easier to file for bankruptcy before divorce to simplify the divorce process as well as to protect you in case your former spouse files for bankruptcy in the future

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The laws pertaining to divorce can be confusing, and you should not let the complicated process prevent you from seeking a brighter future. For the legal counsel and representation you need, contact the Denton divorce lawyers of Alexander & Associates by calling 972-420-6560 today.

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