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7 Questions to Ask Your Attorney about Visitation Rights

If you are going through a divorce and have children, you and your soon-to-be former spouse may be trying to decide how to handle custody issues such as visitation rights. If you are currently the non-custodial parent, or are in any way feeling like your time with your children is being unfairly limited, you may feel overwhelmed by the entire family court system and all the issues there are to navigate in considering child custody. Meeting with an experienced custody lawyer can help to give you answers and direction in your case.

Questions for a Custody Attorney

This list of questions for a custody attorney is not to be considered comprehensive, and every case has specifics that may not be covered here, but this is intended to give you an idea of how to approach discussion with your attorney:

  1. Do I have the option of changing my current level of visitation?
  2. What are the factors that determine how much I get to see my children?
  3. How can I meet my goal of spending more time with my kids?
  4. What factors does the court use in deciding on visitation rights?
  5. Who has visitation rights with my children?
  6. Why do I have supervised visitation? Can this change in the future?
  7. The other parent of my children is not allowing me to see them – how can I get official rights to visitation?

You may also want to ask your attorney questions specific to your case and about his or her business practices as well.

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