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Alcohol and Divorce

In marriages in which one spouse has an alcohol problem, divorce rates increase by a factor of four over relationships that do not involve alcohol issues. Alcohol problems and dependency have a profound effect not only on the life, health, and well-being of the person struggling with addiction, but also on his or her family and friends. After a long time of attempting to keep the marriage functional and shield the problems from friends and family members, a spouse may be forced to make the tough decision to end the marriage.

Signs of Alcoholism

Doctors distinguish between two types of alcohol problems:

  • Alcohol abuse—a person struggles with an excessive use of alcohol. Alcohol use interferes with the person's ability to fulfill family, work, home, school, or other social obligations. Despite these personal issues, an alcohol abuser will continue to drink.
  • Alcohol dependency—someone who has become physically dependent on alcohol is referred to as an alcoholic. An alcoholic may continue to drink to alleviate painful physical symptoms of withdrawal, which appear when alcohol is not available. These symptoms may include anxiety, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, an abnormal heart rate, body tremors, and even seizures.

When one spouse struggles with alcohol problems, an unfair burden is placed on the other spouse as he or she tries to hold the marriage together despite the strain from the abuse or dependency. The final decision to separate from or divorce an alcoholic spouse is difficult and highly-emotional and usually comes after years of suffering in a non-functional relationship.

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