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Avoiding Divorce-Related Finance Problems: I

Many problems may arise as a result of a divorce. Usually, finances are a cause of serious problems in divorce, and the process of the division of assets can be a contentious one. There are steps people can take, however, to avoid many of the financial problems that arise when a couple decides to separate.

One thing people should do is be aware of how liquid their assets are. When couples get divorced, assets are usually divided equally based on financial value, but not on liquidity. For example, a car is less liquid than a bank account because it is easier to convert the bank account into tangible money. Even though both spouses get the same value of assets when property division occurs, if one spouse’s assets are less liquid than the others, then that spouse will have a harder time getting cash.

People should also be aware of what effect the divorce settlement will have on their taxes. As a part of a settlement, spouses may either have to give money or they may receive money from each other. In either case, they may be required to report money given or received on their tax returns. If one spouse receives alimony from another spouse, for example, then the first spouse would have to pay tax on that alimony.

It is important that couples are aware of the financial effects of a divorce settlement on their finances because the effects are very significant and have serious legal implications.

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