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Child Custody and the Military

There are roughly 1.5 million active military personnel in the United States Armed Forces with another 1.5 million reserved personnel. Serving in the military can put a significant strain on personal relationships, including a marriage. If the strain proves to be too great for a marriage to survive, spouses will be faced with the challenge of dividing their assets and determining child custody arrangements. Unfortunately, military service can sometimes have a major impact on how custody is decided.

You should not lose custody of your children because you have served or are currently serving in the military. To speak with a qualified legal representative about your options, contact the Denton child custody attorneys of Alexander & Associates at 972-420-6560 to arrange for a consultation to discuss your legal options.

Deciding on Child Custody

Though the circumstances of each custody dispute are unique, they are to be united by the fact that the presiding judge is charged with identifying the best interest of the child and issuing a decision in support of the child’s needs. If you are currently serving in the military, your unpredictable schedule and the possibility of being deployed may be weighed against you.

In some cases, military parents are awarded custody of their children for all periods when they are non-deployed and then custody transfers upon deployment. Upon returning to the country, it can be very difficult to regain custody, making it absolutely essential to have committed and compassionate legal representation in these matters. You should not be penalized for serving your country, and we are here to do everything we can to keep that from happening.

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If you are a military serviceperson who is concerned about custody issues, do not delay seeking legal counsel. Contact the Denton child custody attorneys of Alexander & Associates by calling 972-420-6560 today.

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