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Child Custody and Vacation

Child custody cases can be much more complicated than simply deciding on sole or joint custody. Parents must also make arrangements for visitation rights, holidays, and also vacations. Family vacations are an important part of establishing traditions as well as spending quality time with children. Unfortunately, however, when one parent decides to take his or her child on vacation, the process of adjusting the custody agreement can involve a large amount of planning or compromise.

If a parent has joint custody of his or her child, the individual typically has the right to take his or her child on vacation. However, this can mean giving up time with your child at a later date. If you need help establishing custody or working through custody arrangements for vacations, you need to speak with a Denton custody attorney of Alexander & Associates today at 972-420-6560 and schedule a consultation.

Getting Vacation Time

Before a parent can take his or her child on vacation, they must first follow the proper steps with the other parent so they do not violate their custody agreement. In general, those steps include the following:

  • Determine the custody time used for the vacation
  • Provide a schedule of planned activities and what the child will be doing
  • In some cases, provide a schedule for when the child can call the other parent
  • Make sure the other parent agrees to the vacation and the time

If both parents agree to the terms of the vacation, it will replace the normal custody agreement for the length of the trip.

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