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Cohabitation before Marriage

Several studies have been conducted to determine if cohabitation before marriage increases or decreases a couple’s likelihood of divorce. While results have been largely inconclusive, there is evidence for both sides of the debate.

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Proponents of cohabitation argue that living with your significant other provides an irreplaceable insight into what married life would be like with that person. Additionally, they debunk early studies on cohabitation as not taking into consideration various other components that may affect statistics. According to supporters, recent studies indicate that cohabitation does not affect divorce rates in cases where the couple has only cohabitated with one another.


Opponents of cohabitation argue that reports indicate that it increases a couple’s likelihood to divorce. Generally, opponents argue that cohabitation de-sanctifies marriage, which makes the couple less likely to work at preserving their union. If a couple moves in together after marriage, they are more inclined to work through their problems instead of quitting prematurely.

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