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Conflict & Divorce

Managing your divorce can not only be stressful, but difficult on the nerves. This may lead you to be agitated, angry, or even depressed. With all this new emotion caused by your divorce, it is important to take steps to manage these feelings to make it easier on yourself and your family.

There are three main ways to help you make your divorce proceedings as comfortable as possible:


It is always best to settle confrontations by talking things out. If issues can be worked out with a lawyer before going into court, before things get ugly, then this possibility should be explored to the fullest. If you are not comfortable with a lawyer as a mediator, then try to find someone else that both spouses can agree upon.

Collaborative Divorce

Using a lawyer to help you and your spouse agree on a settlement can be the best situation for many couples. In a divorce, there usually is no winner. However, it can be a civil proceeding and a lawyer can help represent the interests of each spouse in a way to that each walk away, if not happy, then at least satisfied.

Co-parent Counseling

If children are involved in the divorce proceedings you need come up with a new parenting plan. Children suffer during divorces and they need both parents to help them be okay with their new situation. If the parents can come to a civil agreement, their children will be able to feel better about everything.

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Managing your anger and dealing with conflict during a divorce can be extremely difficult. If you need help with your divorce proceedings, contact the Denton divorce lawyers of Alexander & Associates by calling 972-420-6560.

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