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Divorce Myths: Part III

People believe many myths about divorce, myths that are perpetuated by society and media. Unfortunately, these myths are very detrimental to the healthy functioning of marriages and the effective execution of divorces. To ensure that people make the smartest decisions with regards to divorces, divorce myths should be corrected.

  • Myth: Children whose parents get divorced will be less likely to get divorced when they get married because they will learn from their parents' mistakes.
  • Fact: Studies have shown that children whose parents get divorced in fact are more likely themselves to get divorced. They use their parents' behavior and actions as a model for what is acceptable.
  • Myth: It is better for children to live in a stepfamily than with a single parent.
  • Fact: Step families are no better, and can often be worse then, single parent families. Step families have their own dynamics that children need to adjust to, and it may be difficult for children to accept a new family.
  • Myth: If a couple is in a rough time in their marriage, they will likely get divorced.
  • Fact: Marriages go up and down, like a wave. Couples who are able to work through the difficult times in fact can go on to have very satisfying marriages.
  • Myth: Men initiate more divorces than women do.
  • Fact: It is women who initiate more—66 percent of—divorce proceedings. This makes sense, partly because men engage in more behavior that threatens a marriage. Moreover, divorce laws lend themselves to more women seeking divorces.

Think thoroughly about divorce.

If you are considering divorce, you should take into account the realities about it and its effects. Myths should be dispelled because ultimately, they prevent a proper decision from being made.

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