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Divorce Myths

There are many myths and misconceptions about divorce, mostly bad to discourage people from choosing this for their families. Although divorce is not the ideal end for marriage, it can be very good for the people and families involved. Divorce at its core is the breaking of a marriage, therefore it should be thought over for a considerable time and everything should be done to try to prevent it. This country is in an epidemic of divorce, which is why is it good to fully understand what divorce can effect.

To better educate the public on divorce we would like to address some long standing myths:

“Second marriages tend to have a lower divorce rate”

In actuality, second marriages are less successful, the rate of divorce being much higher than people getting divorced from their first marriages.

“Living together before marriage lowers the likelihood of a divorce later on”

Living together before marriage seems like a good idea, but studies show that this is not the case. Although the exact reason is unknown, researchers hypothesis that those who wish to live together before marriage may not take the vow of marriage as sacred, unbreakable, and that marriage can easily be ended, just like moving out.

“Having kids increases the chance that parents will stay together”

Having children is very stressful, and the stress of parenting can actually push people apart. This more recent phenomenon may be due to the fact that there is much less stigma to divorce than in the past.

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