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Divorce: Television and Reality

Mass media is saturated with couples, relationships, and divorces. From celebrity gossip to daytime soaps, things are more interesting when they are falling apart. Unfortunately, this common portrayal of divorce can taint your children’s perception about your own separation. Discussing the differences between television and reality can be helpful for helping your children cope with divorce.

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Speaking to Your Children about Divorce

When children watch television, they undoubtedly encounter divorce situations, which may be either portrayed as thoroughly hostile or idyllic – in either case, inaccurate. When you observe your child witnessing a televised version of divorce, ask him or her questions about how it makes him or her feel. Is he or she worried or confused? Does he or she feel anxious?

It is important to address these reactions, as it can help resolve some misconceptions your child may have about you and your spouse’s separation. Even if a child does not appear disturbed or concerned, there may be a lot of emotions under the surface. Speaking with your child is the best way to console and reassure him or her that he or she is loved, and that divorce is the best thing for you and your family.

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