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Does an Affair Ruin A Marriage?

If you have recently discovered that your spouse is or was having an affair, does this necessarily mean that your marriage is over? Is divorce the only option? The answer varies depending on the person, but it is important to carefully consider your options before making a decision. In order to help you determine which route is the best for you and your family, we have made a list of a few general questions you should consider.

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Considerations Before Divorce

After you discover that your spouse has committed infidelity, you will likely experience a tidal wave of emotions. When you’re ready to resurface, consider the following questions:

  • How did you learn of the affair? Did he/she confess it to you, or did you discover it by other means?
  • Is your spouse still carrying on adulterous relations?
  • How many times has your spouse committed infidelity?
  • Can your spouse regain your trust?
  • Is your spouse remorseful for his or her actions?
  • Do you have children? How would a divorce affect your child/children?

Once you are able to think rationally about your relationship without being overwhelmed by emotion, the course of action you should take will become clearer. There is no “right” or “wrong” way of dealing with infidelity; each couple must work out their relationship issues in accordance with their unique circumstances.

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