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Factors Considered for Child Custody

In the divorce process, there are many areas that have to be addressed. For example, division of property is one area. So are alimony payments. One major area of concern if a couple has any children is the child custody. The court needs to decide which parent will have custody of the children. In deciding this, courts take into account a number of factors.

One factor is how each parent will be able to provide proper material care for the child. The court will examine how much income each parent receives, as well as the value of the assets of each parent. In addition, the court will look into what type of shelter each parent can provide. Also, the court checks the job prospects of each parent.

A second factor the court considers is what type of and how much emotional care and support each parent is likely to provide. If one parent is always angry while the other parent is not, the latter parents will most likely get the child. The court wants to make sure that the child will not be abused and will receive proper affection and guidance from the custodial parent.

A third factor the court considers is the child’s preference. The court wants what is best for the child, and if the child is happier with one parent than with another, then the court will take that into account. However, the child’s preference will not be the final word. Even if the child prefers living with one parent, that parent may not be able to provide the material and emotional care that the child needs.

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