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Factors that Increase Divorce Chances

When you fall in love and plan to marry someone, chances are that divorce is the last thing on your mind. However, as statistics show that over half of marriages now end in divorce, it is a very real thing that you should consider when you are getting married. There are several factors that increase your divorce risk, which you can prepare for when you are getting married.

First, there are several premarital things that can increase your risk for getting a divorce. If you and your partner are getting married at a very young age (18-19) or have not known each other for very long, you have a greater chance of undergoing a separation than those who waited until they were older or knew each other longer before marriage. Additionally, several other things can come into play, including:

  • Having divorced parents
  • A previous divorce for either member of the couple
  • Children from a prior relationship
  • Living together before marriage
  • Being from different religions backgrounds

While several of these are out of your control, it is good to be aware of how tensions can arise due to these issues.

During the marriage, a new set of things come into play. Relationships rely heavily on communication and understanding, and when these break down, so can marriages. Here are some issues that can cause instability in a marriage:

  • Unhealthy styles of fighting or talking (silent treatment, name-calling, etc.)
  • Difficulty working together as a team
  • Clashing attitudes about important things like how to raise kids
  • Not practicing a specific faith or religion together
  • Low level of commitment

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Even though being aware of potential problems can help you face your marriage issues in the future, it is not always guaranteed to help a marriage through its rough times. If you or someone you know is considering a divorce, an attorney can help you navigate the legal waters.

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