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Have You Heard These Myths About Children of Divorce?

The internet and the world at large are bursting with myths about how a couple’s divorce affects their children. Many times, these myths are even conflicting. If you and your spouse are experiencing difficulties in your marriage and you are considering divorce, the one thing keeping you together at the moment may be your children. Here are some of the common myths about how children handle divorce, and the truth behind these myths:

MYTH: Divorce will wreck a child’s life.

TRUTH: This myth is a gross exaggeration. Yes, it is true that divorce always affects kids. It’s universally stressful for children to go through – but then, so are any major life changes. The truth is that children are quite resilient, and studies have shown that children who have at least one adult in their lives who is consistently loving and supportive have a great chance of making it through any childhood difficulty and becoming a happy, successful adult. However, if your child feels unloved and unsupported because you and your spouse are constantly arguing in an unhappy marriage, there is an increased risk for emotional and psychological difficulties.

MYTH: If you’re no longer in love, it’s best to divorce.

TRUTH: Kids are resilient. They can adjust to having divorced parents. But if you and your spouse can maintain a respectful partnership, it might be worth it to stay together. If you are able to be civil and considerate to each other, there’s also a good chance that counseling or other work on your marriage could improve it. Many couples go through periods of feeling less tangibly in love. Don’t jump to divorce because the spark is gone. However, if you are having serious marital troubles and disagreements, divorce may be the best option.

MYTH: Talking to Kids about Divorce Matters Helps Them

TRUTH: This might be a half-myth. It is important to talk to kids about divorce in an age-appropriate manner. However, telling children about your difficulties with the divorce, complaining about their other parent, or sharing your financial woes will probably be more harmful than helpful. If your child starts to feel like your biggest source of support during your divorce, there is a good chance that you are over-burdening them out of your (understandable) need to have your feelings validated.

For More Information

Going through marital difficulties or a divorce can be much more difficult when children are involved, but if parents remember to love and support them, they’ll most likely be resilient through the stress, no matter the exact outcome. Contact the Denton divorce lawyers of Alexander & Associates today at 972-420-6560 to speak with experienced divorce attorneys who can advise you on how to protect your kids during this tough time.

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