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Helping Your Children Cope

Divorce is extremely hard on children. They need their parents to help them understand what is going on, that it is not the children’s fault, and settle their fears about the future. Although we may sometimes forget, children experience all of the same emotions as us, including sadness, depression, frustration, anger. It is up to parents to set up a new life as quickly as possible to give stability to their children.

There are several things that you as parents need to be prepared to do to help your children cope with your divorce:

Answer questions: children are bound to have practical questions about their new situation like, where will they live, where will they go to school, or can they still see their mother/father? It is important to have consistent answers to these important questions so prepare yourself.

Offer emotional support: tell your children that you know how they are feeling, so that they can legitimize feeling angry. They may be angry at you, so tell them that that is okay and reasonable. You should also let them know that they can talk to you about how they feel, whenever they want or need.

Ask other’s for help: there are many resources to help you deal with your children during a divorce online, in books, and in friends. You are not alone in this, so ask for help.

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