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How Spousal Abuse Affects Child Custody

Divorces often bring some degree of emotional distress. The extent of this distress can be significantly greater when there are children involved and custody arrangements must be made. There are many factors that courts consider when making decisions regarding custody, which is also known as conservatorship in Texas. One very important factor is if there are any allegations of the divorcing spouses abusing one another. These highly charged accusations can make for a contentious proceeding.

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Possible Effects of Allegations

If one spouse alleges a history of past or present spousal abuse, this could affect whether or not the accused spouse will be allowed custody of the child. Certain allegations can even call into question whether the accused should be allowed unsupervised visitation rights. The court’s charge is to ensure that they are putting the children in safe, supportive situations. Spousal abuse allegations could have some of the following implications:

  • No primary custody for the accused
  • No joint custody for the accused
  • No unsupervised visits for the accused
  • Protective orders for the accusing spouse against the accused

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