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Inconsistent Visitation

Following a divorce, parents must negotiate a child visitation agreement. Generally, these agreements involve weekend visits and alternating holidays; however, every family will differ. It is important that each spouse lives up to his or her word and arrives for their allotted visitation times. When parents consistently fail to visit their children at the appointment times, they are causing unnecessary harm and disappointment in the lives of their children.

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Re-Negotiating Visitation Agreements

If your ex-spouse is repeatedly late or absent during his or her visitation times, you must speak with him or her about the inconsistency. Speak to them in a non-confrontational manner. Do not accuse or shame him or her for his or her misdeeds. Instead, approach the situation delicately and inform your former spouse that you are open to renegotiation, if that is what he or she needs.

The important thing to remember is that your mutual child needs visitation with both parents, so even if you are angry and frustrated, try to remain calm.

If you have spoken with your ex-spouse about his or her inconsistency, and he or she is still repeatedly missing dates, you should speak with your children. Explain that both you and your ex-spouse love them, however, your ex-spouse is unable to set aside time right now.

In this situation, you also need to contact an attorney. You may be able to make changes in your custody and visitation arrangements that will accommodate your children’s and their other parent’s needs.

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