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Making Parenting Choices after Divorce

After ending your relationship with your spouse, making decisions about your child’s wellbeing together can be difficult. Cooperating with your ex can be very trying; however, it is important that you consider your child’s wellbeing a top priority. As such, communicating with your ex about decisions pertaining to your child is essential to ensure that they are happy and healthy following a divorce.

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Your Child’s Wellbeing

Decisions affecting your child’s wellbeing should be considered by both parents, regardless of divorce status. Such decisions include:

  • Living arrangements – Where will your child stay and for how long?
  • Parent child contact – When will the non-residential parent see their child? A schedule for holidays, weekends, and vacation time may be made to ensure adequate visitation
  • Insurance – Which parent will provide medical coverage for the child, and who will take care of them in the event of illness?
  • Travel arrangements – Who will transport the child from one parent to the other? Are both parents comfortable allowing their child to leave the state or country with the other parent?

A parental agreement should be created by both party’s lawyers and signed. Failure to comply with the parental agreement may result in legal consequences.

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