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Mediation vs. Arbitration

As people go through their divorce, the entire process may get overwhelming and stressful. Compounded with the fact that there may be ill feelings between spouses, the stress of divorces can make it very difficult for couples going through a divorce to come to an agreement for themselves about how the divorce should proceed, that is, which spouse should get what after the divorce. Fortunately, there are several ways that people can get help coming to an agreement. Two ways are mediation and arbitration. Both involve introducing a third party into the talks between the spouses.

In mediation, a third party called a mediator and agreed upon by both spouses acts as a go-between that communicates with both spouses. The go-between relays the wishes of one spouse to the other, and vice versa. Moreover, the go-between can offer suggestions to the couple. Important to note is that the mediator cannot force any solution on the couple. Ultimately, the couple has to come to an agreement for itself. The mediator can only make this process easier and smoother. That is why mediation is appropriate for couples that are willing to cooperate with someone who has no power to enforce a solution.

In arbitration, on the other hand, a third party, called an arbitrator, agreed upon by both spouses, listens to the points made by each spouse and then comes to a solution for them. Importantly, the arbitrator has the authority to impose the solution, which a couple must abide by. As a result, arbitration is best for couples who are not able to get along or communicate in any way whatsoever.

As you decide whether to pursue mediation or arbitration, it is important that you evaluate your relationship with your spouse.

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If you are going through the process of divorce, an attorney can help in both mediation and arbitration. In arbitration especially, though, an experienced divorce lawyer can best represent the interest of her or his client. For more information about divorce attorneys and how they can help in divorce mediation and arbitration, contact the Denton divorce lawyers of Alexander & Associates by calling 972-420-6560.

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