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More Divorce Myths

Myths pervade all societies and affect many different relationships. In the United States there are many myths about marriage and divorce that influence what people expect from their marital relationships and how they expect them to function. Because people’s ideas are based on falsehoods, it is necessary to correct the myths so that people can make better decisions

  • Myth: In the long run, divorces do not cause serious problems for children, who quickly recover from the experience of parental divorce.
  • Fact: Divorces have very serious, long-lasting effects on children, for many of whom the consequences of divorce worsen as the children age.
  • Myth: After a couple divorces, a woman's standard of living will fall by an average of 73 percent, while a man's standard of living will rise by about 42 percent.
  • Myth: It is better for children whose parents do not get along if the parents divorced than if they stay together.
  • Fact: Children would be much better off if their parents worked out their problems and stayed together. Only in the most "high-conflict" marriages is it better for children if parents divorce than if they stay married.

These are only some of the many myths surrounding divorce. As people are considering whether or not they should pursue a divorce, having the right information will help them make a better decision for themselves and their families.

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