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Parenting and Moving after a Divorce

Following a divorce, it is very common for people to move out of the city or state for work, to find a fresh start, or to stay with family members during a difficult time in their lives. When a divorcing couple has children together, the decision to move is complicated by custody laws and concerns for the best interests of the children.

Texas Custody Law and Moving

In Texas, it is generally believed that it is best for children to remain in one stable environment as long as it is safe. As a result, judges generally prefer for children to remain in the family home, and for the parent who is leaving the home to remain in the area.

If a parent needs to move anyway, usually for work-related reasons, there will need to be an amendment to the custody arrangement, known in our state as the parenting plan. It does not matter if the moving parent has primary or custody or not. Parents who need to move out of state need to meet with their child custody mediator, or parenting coordinator, to discuss changes to the parenting plan.

Helping Children with a Parent’s Move

While there are exceptions, such as abusive or negligent parents, children generally benefit greatly from consistent relationships with both parents. Parents who need to move away from their children have a responsibility to maintain relationships with them, and parents who continue to live with their children have a responsibility not to interfere with those relationships. It can be very difficult to cooperate with a former spouse, but it is a very important component of raising a child after a divorce.

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