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After any breakup, a person may feel like his or her life has been torn apart. The world looks somewhat hopeless, particularly when the breakup is of a marriage. Some people feel that if they just change a few things in the relationship, the relationship or marriage will work.

When a couple attempts to get back together after a split of some sort it is called reconciliation. When an individual decides he or she wants to reconcile with a former partner or spouse, there is the horrible possibility that the other person may not want to reconcile. There is also the possibility that the reconciliation will not actually happen; that the scars from the failed attempt will make it impossible to work things out.

The biggest part of any reconciliation attempt is time. Things cannot be fixed overnight. If they are fixed overnight, they’re probably not really fixed and will pop up again in the future. In many cases where reconciliation is being attempted, it is important to wait a little bit because anger and bitterness will swamp any positive feelings that a couple has. Time apart gives the couple time to calm down and sort out feelings.

Attempting to speed the process of reconciliation is pointless. A couple will only successfully get back together if both parties are aware of their willingness to make things work and their love for each other. Pleading, begging, and trying to force things will only result in negative emotions and will not result in reconciliation.

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