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Types of Restraining Orders

Divorce is a complicated process. Often the reasons for ending a marriage are simpler than the aftermath of filing for divorce. One of the most complicated and delicate issues involved in a divorce case are restraining orders.

The reason to have a restraining order is usually because there is a threat of stalking, domestic violence, or sexual assault. However, restraining order laws vary state-to-state, and in different enforcements. There are two main types of restraining orders, restraining orders of a more temporary nature, and those with a more permanent arrangement.

There are several steps in gaining a temporary restraining order against a person:

  • Appear before a Judge
  • Give notice to accused person
  • Accused person has right to give their side of the story
  • Both parties appear before court to argue for or against permanent restraining order
A temporary restraining order can be ordered after the person who is filing for a restraining order makes an appearance for the court. The restraining order begins when the person who is restricted by the restraining order is warned. Of course, this person is allowed to give their side of the story and be heard out; however, the temporary restraining order is still in place, and that person may not approach the victim.

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