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Over 50% of marriages in the United States now end in divorce. Even though it is becoming a more common process, divorce proceedings still have the potential to be lengthy, costly, and draining. There are many kinds of divorce, but more couples are seeking a simplified divorce to try and avoid the hassle and time of regular divorce proceedings. Simplified divorce is not offered in every state, but Texas does allow separating couples to file for simplified divorce.

What makes simplified divorce different from most other kinds of divorce is the total agreement on divorce terms between both parties in the divorce. However, an attorney can still help make sure that you cover all legal aspects of your separation. If you are considering filing for a simplified divorce, contact the experienced Denton simplified divorce attorneys at Alexander & Associates today at 972-420-6560 to discuss if this is the appropriate option for your situation.

Stipulations for Simplified Divorce

A simplified divorce offers just what its name suggests—a less difficult, time-consuming, and costly divorce process than a contested or even an uncontested divorce involves. For a successful simplified divorce, there needs to be:

  • Total agreement that the marriage needs to end
  • Absence of minor-aged children
  • Total agreement on division of marital assets

In Texas, all of the above stipulations must be met in order for a couple to file for a simplified divorce.

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If you or someone you know is considering filing for a simplified divorce, it is important that you consult with an experienced divorce lawyer to explain the specific regulations associated with a Texas simplified divorce. Contact the Denton simplified divorce lawyers of Alexander & Associates at 972-420-6560 today.

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