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Splitting Everything Down The Middle

Divorces can get messy. There are the children to think about, who gets the house, who is going to pay for that sports car, and who is going to get blamed. These are heavy decisions that many couples cannot settle on their own. If couples are able, mediated settlements take place, if not; the case goes before the court and judge.

When a judge gets involved in divorce cases the court becomes the authority to decide what goes to whom. First the court takes a look at all the property, debt, and money that are shared by the couple. Everything gets divided into marital and non-marital assets.

Marital Assets

Marital assets are those assets that were accumulated during the marriage between the two people. The court must split these marital assets equally between both people, also known as "equitable distribution." The market value and the emotional value of all the objects/assets that are shared between both people are both taken into account when deciding the split.

In some states (e.g. Alaska, Arizona, California, Texas, Washington), land property, no matter who owes money on it or if one person acquired it separately, is almost always split equally between the two people. In most other states, the land property is not necessarily divided between the two spouses, but is often distributed based on how high each spouse earns in wages.

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