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Types of Affairs

Sometimes marriage does not work for everyone. In some cases people get married when they are too young, perhaps there is a clash of personality, or perhaps both parties have simply drifted apart. Whatever the case may be, one common reason for divorce is because one partner is not faithful to the other.

There are many reasons why people choose to have an affair. However, the reasons behind having an affair can be different. There are three types of affairs:
  • “Way Out” Affairs – If a person feels like their marriage is falling apart and there is no chance for it to be fixed, some people will choose to have an affair as a way out of the marriage. It is a transitioning from the old into a new life.
  • “Selfish” Affairs—Selfish affairs are one by those who feel like they cannot commit to one person, perhaps they are insecure and need constant assurance of who they are. Selfish affairs are usually an escape for married people who do not think of the other person or what they are doing to their partner.
  • “Attention” Affairs—Sometimes the reason for having an affair can be that the partner is seeking attention from their spouse, feels the need to talk about their marriage, but needs a reason. These affairs can sometime be meant to hurt the spouse, so that they can realize how hurt the other partner is.

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