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Visitation Tips

This weekend is your turn to see the kids, maybe it is the holiday swap, maybe you don’t get to see them very often, but whatever the case may be, it is important to follow some very important guidelines to have a successful visit with your children.

Keeping it simple, you must remember the three “R’s”:

Relax: if you are more relaxed, your children will not be able to feel the tension between you and your ex-partner, which allows them to be carefree and allow for a greater chance of having fun. Although your time may be limited with your children, you must work up to a new relationship with that, one that involves you less in their lives. Even if you may not see them often, make sure to be a part of their new lives.

Respect: Do not talk trash to your children about your ex-partner, this will only do harm to yourself. Point out the difference in living situation, but leave the bitterness behind, this is the one chance you get to spend quality time with your kids, so don’t waste it.

Rejoice: Even if it is not the amount of time you want, it’s all the time you get. By accepting this fact, you can save yourself the pain of regret and just enjoy your kids. They will thank you for this.

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