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Voluntary Termination of Parental Rights

One important aspect of adoption is making sure the biological parents of the child give up their parental rights. This action must take place before adoptive parents can continue with the adoption process and legally gain custody of the child. However, even when the termination of parental rights is voluntary, there can still be problems that may prolong the adoption process.

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Terminating Parental Rights for Adoption

Termination of parental rights is important for completing the adoption process. In some adoption cases, birth parents willingly give up parental rights to their child by signing the certain consent forms so the child can legally be adopted. However, there is a time period during which the biological parents can change their minds and revoke their voluntary termination of parental rights.

Once the biological parents relinquish their parental rights, and they do not revoke this consent for a certain period of time, the child can legally be adopted so that the adoptive parents have full physical and legal custody of the child.

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