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Ways to Lessen Your Divorce Risk

It's a sad statistic that over half of all American marriages end in divorce. Divorce splits up a previously happy couple and can negatively affect the children if not handled correctly. While there are many unpredictable events that can lead to divorce, there are some things that you can do to lessen your risk of divorce.

Here are some things to think about before or even during your marriage that can help you protect your bond:

Premarital counseling – while you may think that you know everything about your future spouse, this can help you work out “big issues” like finances and how many kids you want before you are legally bound to someone.

Don't live together before marriage – even though it may seem logical to “practice” being married by living together beforehand, studies show that this is actually a bad idea.

Share chores – back when the trend was for one person to work and one person to stay at home with the kids, it made sense for the stay-at-home parent to do the majority of the housework. However, now that most families have both parents working full-time, it is important that couples split housework so that no resentment builds.

Counseling during marriage – if problems like alcoholism or depression arise during the union, the person suffering from the issue as well as the couple as a whole should consider counseling to help solve these problems.

Even if you work hard and follow all sorts of marriage advice, there are unpredictable things that can arise in a marriage and lead to divorce. Infidelity, financial dishonesty, spousal abuse, and even having kids with disabilities are all things that can cause a divorce.

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