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What Income Does Texas Count Towards Child Support?

As in every state, in Texas there are laws and guidelines regulating child support. One area of regulation is what income counts toward child support payments and what income does not.

In Texas, there are five types of income that count towards child support. The first includes all income earned through wages and salaries as well as additional compensation like overtime and bonuses are used in calculating child support. Moreover, any income earned through self-employment is counted. Additionally, any income earned through interest, dividends, and royalties is used.

Furthermore, any income obtained through the renting of property is a part of the calculation. Only net rent income is used; that is, rent income after all expenses including depreciation have been deducted. The last category of income includes all other sources. For example, alimony, capital gains, social security benefits, and severance pay are among the many types of income included.

What Incomes Does Not Count?

There are three types of income that do not count towards child support payments in Texas:

  • Accounts receivable—that is, money owed to an individual—is not used in the calculation.
  • Additionally, any return that people make on capital or principal is not used.
  • Finally, any aid that people receive as a result of dependent children is not used either.

How Can Lawyers Help?

Fighting the child custody battle in court can be difficult. Many times the judge will rule that a parent has to pay more child custody than the parent thinks fair. An attorney can help fight in court for a fairer child custody payment.

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