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When to Consider a Prenuptial Agreement

All marriages begin with an unofficial prenuptial agreement that the partners will honor and support each other. But when financial concerns are involved, it is sometimes necessary to make a more formal prenuptial agreement. While there are many reasons for a prenuptial agreement, they all concern the security of those involved.

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Advantages of a Prenuptial Agreement

You may want to consider a prenuptial agreement if:

  • You have significantly less income than your spouse, or you are not planning to work after you are married. In either of these instances, a prenuptial agreement can provide you financial protection in the event of a divorce or separation.
  • Your partner has a lot of debt. In this instance, a prenuptial agreement will protect you from being responsible from these debts if the marriage ends.
  • You are remarrying. Because this is not your first marriage, you may have some unique financial concerns, such as child support or alimony. A prenuptial agreement can provide security for your new family, as well as your previous family in the instance of your passing.
  • You want to protect your estate. After your passing, a prenuptial agreement can ensure that all or part of your estate is distributed exactly as you planned. This is especially helpful in the case of heirlooms you want kept in the family.
  • You are significantly wealthier than your partner. This will help to secure your assets, and may also provide some reassurance that your partner is not marrying you for financial reasons.

Before you commit to a prenuptial agreement, it can be very useful to have an experience attorney review it to ensure its fairness. Our Denton prenuptial agreement attorneys can assist with every step of formulating and enforcing an equitable arrangement.

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A prenuptial agreement can help you and your family avoid aggravating complications down the road. To learn more, contact the Denton divorce lawyers of Alexander and Associates at 972-420-6560.

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