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Collaborative Divorce

If you are going through a divorce with your spouse, there are many things that you may be worried about during the process. Any type of divorce can be a difficult situation to go through unless you know exactly what may happen in the following weeks and months. There are three types of divorce that you could be involved in: collaborative, uncontested, and contested.

A collaborative divorce can be one of the easiest types of divorce to go through because the two of you are working together to finish the divorce in a timely manner. A collaborative divorce is a process where both you and your spouse agree to settle all the issues with each other through communication and with the help of your lawyers.

Collaborative divorce can be one of the best ways to finish your divorce because together, you will decide what goes to each of you during property division and how custody of your children will be divided between each of you throughout the year. During this type of divorce, you will usually go through a number of meetings where you will make decisions about all the details of the divorce. Your Denton divorce lawyers will be able to help you during the process of your collaborative divorce.

A collaborative divorce will also offer counseling for the couple and their children during the whole process of the divorce. This type of counseling can be helpful throughout the grieving process. Children often have a hard time with a divorce because there are significant lifestyle changes for the children during – and even after – the divorce.

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