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Itemizing a List for Property Division

If you and your spouse didn’t end your marriage on good terms, it may be harder for you to go through and make an itemized list of all the property that needs to be divided between the two of you. During a divorce, however, the court will require that you go through all the property that you two accrued during the course of your marriage.

When you are going through all of your property, you are required to make an itemized list of all the assets and assign them a value based on what you feel their current worth is. Once you have gone through all the items, you and your ex spouse can choose to leave a few items out of the list if you both agree on what they are and that they will not be included in the list. If you and your ex spouse are having trouble going through all of your property together without a fight, you can always have your lawyers or neighbors present when the whole process is going on. This will usually help to ease any tension that you and your ex spouse might be having with each other.

Once you have submitted the list to the court, the judge will look it over and decide and what items will be divided between the two of you. If you have certain items that you would specifically like to have that your spouse doesn’t mind, you can request to have the judge appoint those specific items to you.

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