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Leaving an Abusive Relationship

If you are in an abusive relationship and have decided to leave, you should be congratulated. Victims of abuse are often heavily manipulated by their partners, isolated from friends and family, and financially dependent on their abusers. These factors can make it extremely difficult to even decide to seek out a divorce, let alone take the steps to do so.

Plan Carefully

Leaving an abusive relationship can be the best, healthiest choice you’ll ever make, so we certainly don’t want to discourage anyone who is considering doing so. You do, however, need to be aware that abusers tend to escalate their violence when their victims show signs of leaving.

This does not mean the situation is hopeless. It only means that you need to plan ahead. It is usually best to leave when your partner is not around, perhaps while he or she is at work. You may want to pack your things ahead of time so you can just grab your bag and go when the time is right.

There are certain things you must make sure to bring with you:
  • At least one change of clothes
  • Daily supplies such as toothpaste and deodorant
  • Legal documents, including your social security card and passport
  • Any medications you take regularly
  • Money

If You Have Children

Getting children out of an abusive relationship can be nearly as difficult as it is important. The following tips can help:
  • Make sure your kids know that their responsibility is to escape safely, not to look after you.
  • If your kids have any security items like a certain doll or blanket, be sure to bring it.
  • Bring your children’s birth certificates with you when you leave.

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