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An estimated 75% of the population has either been the victim of domestic abuse or knows someone who has been hurt by this terrible act. Many people live with the constant fear that they are going to be abused, threatened or harassed at any moment. For this reason, it is sometimes necessary to take out a restraining order in order to ensure the safety of yourself or your family.

If you are trapped in a cycle of domestic abuse, you can take steps to break free from this mistreatment. To learn more about restraining orders and domestic abuse, contact the Denton restraining order attorneys of Alexander & Associates. We are committed to protecting your safety. Do not hesitate to call us at 972-420-6560 today.

Common Types of Restraining Orders

In Texas, there are two general types of what is commonly referred to as a “restraining order,” including:

  • Protective Order—this type of order is issued by a judge and is meant to prohibit domestic violence. Often, this type of order forbids the abuser from coming within a certain distance from the home, school, workplace, etc., of the abused party. It may also require that the abuser take anger management classes or counseling.
  • Temporary Restraining Order (TRO)—this type of order is thought of as less serious than a protective order. It simply restrains the abuser from harming the family. It may also be used during a divorce to uphold the pre-divorce status quo (to ensure that one spouse does not cancel utilities, move to another states, remove the children from the home, etc.).

Both of these orders can be very important for abused or threatened people as restraining orders can help them escape those who mistreat them.

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