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Adoption Fraud

Due to the high demand for adoptable children, international adoptions have become a profitable business. The desperation of parents to adopt a child in conjunction with individual’s selfish motives is responsible for the current black market.

Adoption scams are horrible as they generally result in loss of an adoptable child. To prevent this, enlist the assistance of only reputable attorneys, agencies, and facilitators in the process. Be suspicious to information which seems vague or contradictory. Information regarding proper legal practices can be obtained from the consular section in the US embassy. If problems occur, they should be immediately reported to state authorities such as the Better Business Bureau and the District Attorney.

Since states have minimal regulations for international adoption agencies, many individuals have opened up businesses even if inexperienced in the field. As a result some parents are charged exorbitant fees, for extremely poor services. The agencies abuse the system by presenting a child for adoption as healthy when in reality, he is seriously ill. Also, acquiring payments for an ineligible or non-existent child is not uncommon. To combat this problem, it is recommended that the prospective child be examined by a physician. State legal action has been taken against offenders, but prosecution has been slow. However, some licenses have been revoked.

The Department of State has taken much action at the international level. All efforts are put in place to respect host country laws and discourage illegal activity. It is important to note most adoption agencies are legitimate professionals who are law abiding. If you are in need of an adoption law attorney contact Eric N. Klein & Associates, P.A. at 561-353-2600.

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