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Understanding Child Visitation Rights

Going through a divorce can be a painful process for anyone. When you get your children involved in the process, everything becomes even more complicated. Visitation rights can be extremely confusing if you are not sure of the way the procedures work.

When you are going through your divorce, custody of your children will be a major issue that needs to be settled between you and your spouse. Normally, the court will evaluate your home situation to determine which of you will be the most capable of taking care of your children. During an evaluation such as this, they will look at your housing status as well as your job and income. If the court feels that your children will be more stable with your ex-spouse, you will be assigned visitation rights depending on where you will be living in relation to your children.

Visitation rights are defined as the specific times that you will be allowed to have some type of contact with your children, whether it is monitored or not. There are many different types of visitation arrangements that you could try to set up with your ex-spouse. One of the more common arrangements that parents choose is every other weekend visits with alternating holidays between the two parents. There are many different options that you can discuss with your spouse and work out, with the assistance of your lawyers, during the divorce and custody proceedings.

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