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Domestic Violence

Acts of domestic violence occur between all kids of people – friends, spouses, relatives, parents and children, domestic partners, roommates, acquaintances, dating interests, and even total strangers in some instances.

If you are currently in an abusive situation, three things you need to know are that: (a) the situation is not your fault; (b) the situation is not going to get better unless you take action, and (c) your personal safety comes first – call the police and then call us. We can help you find a way out. As a former assistant district attorney, partner Karen Alexander knows the resources available to help you when you feel that there is no way out. Trust us, you can seek safety for you and your child and we can and will help you.

Additionally, we understand that if you have committed domestic violence and feel that all is lost, we can help you as well. We are connected to many different types of counseling and help groups from Christian based groups to psychiatric based help. There are two important steps that you must take. First, you must allow your family to be safe without you. You need to leave the house and allow your family the safety they deserve. Second, you need to get help. You can seek the guidance necessary to put your life back on track, even if you get a divorce. Your children need to learn violence is not the answer, and you need to learn to live life without resorting to violence.

At Alexander & Associates our Lewisville based lawyers represent individuals dealing with domestic violence and family law matters. We understating that false allegations of domestic violence are all too common, especially upon divorce proceedings. Unfortunately, making such an allegation offers an easy and many times successful way to gain the advantage in a divorce or child custody case. The simple fact of the matter is most domestic violence cases are “he said, she said” types of affairs and sitting judges tend to err on the side of caution at least on a temporary basis. If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence, it is vital that you meet with us and allow us to get started mounting your defense as soon as possible. You need to protect yourself against these allegations in the future as well as defend against the allegations already made. We can help arm you with the knowledge and accessories necessary for your protection.

To talk to an attorney skilled in domestic violence cases, in a non-judgmental environment, contact our office today. Let us guide you down the right path, a path of protection.

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